The Mindpower Podcast with Stéph & Shay

Breaking Limiting Patterns with Mindpower

September 01, 2021 Episode 18
The Mindpower Podcast with Stéph & Shay
Breaking Limiting Patterns with Mindpower
Show Notes

Let's go back to Mindpower basics:
Limiting beliefs

Here at Stéph & Shay, we call them "running parachutes."

The concept is simple:
Finally let go of the contradictory emotions/thoughts weighing you down.

Take a second to really imagine it...

No more holding on to anger, stress,  self-doubt, anxiety, or whatever it might be!

Sounds simple right?

Well, the truth is, when we don't release these limiting beliefs they become limiting patterns.

You've heard them before:

"Why does this always happens to me?"
"Why do I have such bad luck?"
"No matter how hard I try, I can't..."

Listen, no one deliberately and consciously creates life circumstances they won’t like.

It happens on an unconscious level!

And the first step to breaking your liming patterns is to discover these mental and emotional barriers or limitations, a.k.a. “running parachutes.”

Trust us, it's life-changing.

Once that running parachute is gone, you'll find clarity, hit your goals, and realize that you are more energetic, productive, and happy.

That's why the strength of mindpower still gives us the chills!

Join us as we talk about how we can break limiting patterns with simple mindpower tactics.


Here's a list of the steps needed to deal with your limiting patterns.

1. Find out what that pattern is.

2. Ask yourself what do I want instead.

3. Find out where it came from.

4. Have awareness of the pattern can help you do something different instead.

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