The Mindpower Podcast with Stéph & Shay

How To Rekindle Your Passion Fire

September 15, 2021
The Mindpower Podcast with Stéph & Shay
How To Rekindle Your Passion Fire
Show Notes

Can we ask you a question?

Are you still passionate about your daily work routine?

A big buzz-phrase these days on the topic of passion is "find your why."

This is a helpful question but it also can be misleading.

Look, we've seen it a thousand times while coaching clients:

The "why" doesn't work for everyone as a trigger for passion.

Join us as we discuss one of the most important strategies for success.

How to rekindle the fire within:

1. Be aware of what YOUR OWN passion switches are.
2. Get into your primary and secondary passion switches. Get SPECIFIC within them.
3. USE IT. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Not just in the things you love, but especially in the things you don't.

Also, take your passion mantra (if you don't have one, create it!) and write it down on Post It notes. Then place it everywhere so you're reminded of it and you can integrate it every single day.

Here's how to get really clear on what success means to YOU:

1. Focus on the journey
2. Obsessively, focused on the outcome.
3. Define it! What does success mean to you?

The most important thing to integrate is that you do NOT copy other people's success.


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