The Mindpower Podcast with Stéph & Shay

Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday Season #becalm

December 22, 2021 Stéphane & Shalee Schafeitel Episode 26
The Mindpower Podcast with Stéph & Shay
Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday Season #becalm
Show Notes

In this episode, we’re sharing our favorite tips
to diligently move with ease through
the holiday season!

We will also cover our signature BLAH Method
that we created many years ago to help our
clients combat anxiety, stress, and overwhelm.
This 4 part method will leave you ready to handle
 all of your holiday plans.

B = Box Breathing
1. Breathe in slowly for three seconds.
2. Hold your breath for three seconds.
3. Breathe out slowly for three seconds.
4. Hold your breath for three seconds.
*Breathe in and out through the nose ONLY.

L = Look Up
and allow your awareness to expand. Go into
The Mindpower State (peripheral vision),
which is the most powerful state for mental
toughness and emotional resilience.

A= Access A Positive States like Gratitude
Gratitude is SO powerful.… it’s IMPOSSIBLE to
 be in a negative state of mind when you’re
feeling gratitude. Express gratitude for
someone or something in the present
moment that puts you in a positive
state of mind.

H = Handle It!
Write down all the things that are
swirling around in your mind.
Then, prioritize it. Now, you can
handle whatever it is that you need
to do with confidence and ease.

Now get to work!


Click here to download our B.L.A.H. Method
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